Tabs demo 3

This is a demo of the tabs feature in the Bootstrap Toolkit. This is one of several demos we have here.

Eventually these demos degrade into nonsense like the stuff you're reading now. This is just here as a placeholder. Normally you'd have something here that means something. In this case this means nothing. To anyone. At all. Thank you.

It's nice that you can also include dropdown menus in your tab arrangement. That's useful if you run out of room for all the tabs you'd like to include. That is, if there are tabs that you have that aren't as important as all the rest.

That's about it for now. Hope you're having a great day. Luckily I just ran out of pseudo things to write about. Because if I had to keep on going at this for much longer I'd lose my mind. Ooops there it went. La lala la lala la!